Upcoming Segments on iTune with Dr. Lars Dingman :

Each week, Lars reads celebrity fans, hosts his podcast/FB Live show in the studio or LIVE in comedy clubs, speaks to corporate audiences, gives private readings & investigates psychic phenomena around the country.

Every episode features only real people in real readings and unscripted situations;

¤        Lars attends and delivers Keynote Address at a Life Coach convention.

¤        In response to an email, Lars visits a Retirement Home for a day of past life readings.

¤        Lars attends a celebrity Gifting Suite to divine the best skin care products for celebrities.

¤        Lars lectures a high school science class, then does readings for kids and nuns.

¤        Lars sets a Guiness Record, reading a person from every state on-air at the Mall of America.

¤        Lars speaks at the Conscious Life Expo, interacting with New Age devotees.

¤        Live podcast/FB LIVE show from HempCon, Lars reads growers, users and pot product inventors.

¤        Lars attends the National Twins Convention and does dual readings of twins.

¤        Lars mans a BBQ booth at Memphis in May, and does musician readings on Beale Street.

¤        Lars visits a minor league baseball stadium and reads players, fans, vendors and an umpire.

¤        Lars performs at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, reading magicians, bartenders and patrons.



Adam Brett

Live Events Coordinator


(415) 723-2322